The summer academy Hohenbrünzow will take place for the first time this year – concerning the topic of “Our ground and our soil – how do we want to live?”. Within nine days the farmstead in the middle of nature in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in northern Germany will turn into a place of experiment, craft, creation and research: we want to live together, eat together and work theoretically and practically on the topic of “ground and soil”.

The time of the academy will be structured by practical, artistic workshops in the beginning of the day and theoretical input (in form of lectures or symposiums) in the afternoon. We will be eating and working together. There will also be additional program to keep everybody happy and content (yoga, meditation, dance, film screenings, music). To finish off we want to open the academy at the final weekend and organize a public exhibition to share our results, ideas, and make our work visible.

We are in the middle of organizing the academy and very excited to share the complete program very soon! We are looking forward to meeting you, we can’t wait for all the projects and the time spent together at the academy! Let’s get closer to answer the question “How do we want to live?” as a collective… Stay tuned and follow us @sommerakademie_17111 !

Kulturgut Hohenbrünzow

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